Litigation Management

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Not only Compliance Management but Companies must deal with all types of litigation on a daily basis. Inefficient monitoring of litigation within the company can lead to considerable financial penalties and risks.
It is therefore essential for companies to have robust litigation-management tools and processes in addition to their Regulatory Compliance Program.

smartCompliance, compliance management solution from SRTEKBOX is a full-web solution for managing your Regulatory Compliances as well as business, administrative, and tax litigation and related legal risks. The Litigation management feature of smartCompliance allows companies to manage litigation by identifying and tracking procedures, applications, fees, and provisions.

Litigation Management Features

  • Centralized Repository containing all litigation information, including all archives for each case
  • Automated management of litigation processes with step-by-step process monitoring and notification alerts
  • Assessment of impact, provisions, risk areas, etc. Precise and one stop information such as financial risks (e.g. litigants’ claims) is available for all litigation types
  • Reporting and dashboards that provide companies with an instantly available overview of all Compliance Statuses, litigation and claims
  • Multi-level Business Hierarchy model with Both Horizontal and Vertical approach
  • Monitoring of litigation processing costs and fees

In addition to Regulatory Compliance Management, smartCompliance contains powerful functionalities to ensure that ensure effective litigation management.

Benefits of Litigation Management through smartCompliance solution

  • Lower litigation processing costs
  • Comprehensive overview of all litigation in real time
  • Assessment of Risk
  • Efficient information sharing: all staff working on a particular case have access to the same information in real time
  • Greater security and confidentiality

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