Compliance Management

An Ethical workplace is your right and your responsibility

For effective work management and efficiency, a company has to comply with its legalities and work protocol and standards. A well-structured documented and demonstrable compliance framework ensures not just reduced risks and exposure but also helps in effectively monitoring and reporting compliance status to Board. Compliance requirements are not only affecting an increasing number of business processes but working to comply with ever-evolving regulatory environments, too much governance can limit the agility enterprises need to compete, while too much risk can have a negative impact on profitability and reputation.

Regulatory Compliance solutions provide a centralized, access-controlled environment for monitoring status of all legal compliance’s that can be faced by the company. These solutions help in encompassing efforts to ensure that organization is abiding by industry regulations.

With the right compliance management solution, enterprises can streamline Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) efforts and confidently meet internal and external legal requirements while managing risk more efficiently.

Your Statutory Compliance Framework to Monitored Success

The Compliance Management Framework leveraged by smartGRC is the tried and tested solution of now more than 40 listed companies across the globe. Our Compliance Management solution provides a comprehensive system to manage a range of regulatory and corporate compliance requirements while enabling you to streamline and standardize compliance processes, minimizing deviations and redundancies. Our Compliance Module of smartGRC, with its easy to use interface, helps compliance managers and organizations to-

  • Simplify compliance management by centralizing your compliance processes
  • Reduce compliance costs by automating reviews, assessments and reporting
  • Enable a consistent, efficient approach to compliance by streamlining workflows
  • Seamlessly pull in regulatory content (laws & regulations) into a central content repository
  • Gain Insight to enterprise through powerful dashboards, risk heat maps, and reports
  • Auto Generate Compliance Certification for Board & Senior Management

smartGRC’s Compliance solution is used to manage a wide variety of compliance processes and ensure accountability throughout organizations of all sizes.  Through the use of legal and regulatory impact assessments in conjunction with policy management, surveys and assessments, and incident (loss events) management, all facilitated by automated workflow, the compliance software ensures that you are always prepared for any type of audit, as well as executive and board reporting requirements.



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