SmartGRC- Your Integrated Solution EnablerSmartGRC software is a comprehensive, Governance, Risk and Compliance Management solution, incorporating all risk management processes of an organisation.

The Evolving Business World

Business world is forever transforming, with competition rising every passing day. It is only right to understand that your business needs to adapt and become dynamic. Many businesses often fail to reach their optimum potential, because they fail to transform with their industry transformation:

  1. The Strategy – Risk Link Failure: Having a risk management process in place is one thing, but having adaptable strategies or devising new strategies for emerging or evolving risks is one issue that is often overlooked by companies.
  2. The Risk Communication Block: Often the potential risk or emerging risk is not communicated efficiently to the top management; and in many cases, the board is not even focused on risks and it’s management.
  3. The Risk Assessment Culture: Implementing periodic risk assessments are a common every company phenomena, but the company needs to understand that this has to be embedded within the organisation on a daily basis. A risk never waits for the quarter to come.


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Performance needs to be principled

This is where it becomes important for the company to rope in not just a solution but also an enabler, so that the integration of management and processes can be rightly aligned.

SmartGRC helps companies eliminate the requirement of stand-alone solutions by providing an Integrated Risk Management platform, which syncs business processes and functions for sharing Risk Management Practices information and provide visibility to Senior Management.

SmartGRC is a cooperative platform i.e. it allows integration with other solutions for effectiveness and efficiency of business process and strategies, for example, the risk management software can be integrated with software solutions for strategy management, and the same can be used by IT, Finance, Supply Chain, Legal and others. We also provide stand alone solutions, depending upon the company’s needs.

SmartGRC – Your Transition Enabler

It is a known fact that technology has been a boon for the business world, but what is still not understood fully is the fact that using the right technological tool is what brings results.

A company can form multiple groups responsible for various functions and processes involved in GRC, but the multiplicity of frameworks and systems would only lead to inefficiency, coverage gaps and a failure to get a clear panoramic view of organisational risks; which then leads to decisions and strategies formulated on inaccurate, incomplete and delayed information. Hence there is a need for mind-set change in GRC i.e. acknowledging that there is a need to optimize performance through managing risks, while staying in compliance.


Romil Nehru
Business Development Manager

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Senior Product Manager

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Varesh Setia
Lead System/Cloud Architect

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Payal Bansal
Module Lead

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