Audit Management

Automate your Audit Processes effectively, to make a significant value addition

Neither successes nor failures can be determined without examination and only a proper inspection is what brings out the best behind the organizations successes and failures.

Auditing helps organizations evaluate and improve effectiveness of risk management, controls and governance processes. Having an effective internal audit framework is an important asset that allows organizations to determine where key strengths and weaknesses exist within their processes. Internal Audit management systems help in good support of organizations risk and governance policies, improve effectiveness of internal audit and increase the department’s execution and monitoring capacity.

Stakeholders including boards of directors, audit committee members, employees, regulators, and stockholders are watching to see how internal audit responds to its growing strategic role, particularly in the area of identifying risk. Internal Audit departments have to ensure that risk management policies are effective while making way for future potential for improvement- on tight budgets and limited resources, hence there is a need to have it all in one place to ensure effective management of the audit process of the company.

Expand Your insights through an integrated, risk-based Audit approach.

The Audit Management module of smartGRC is a systematic and disciplined framework that helps you manage end-to-end Audit processes – from Risk assessment, Audit planning, scheduling, fieldwork, reporting to tracking and managing exceptions. Our audit solution is based on best practices of internal audit; following international standards and recommendations outlined in industry standards.

Through smartGRC’s – Audit Module, the management or auditors work is simplified on day-to-day basis through standardized and automated methods, which helps you to –

  • Perform value added & on demand – Risk based Audit
  • Design, Schedule and Manage Audit Program more effectively
  • Audit Work Program with Work Papers, Audit Scope and Time & Budget analysis
  • Execute and track Audits easily, record qualitative & quantitative findings
  • Assign & Follow up with open activities/Audit Observations

smartGRC’s Audit module is also available as a standalone application or as an add-on module to a more comprehensive implementation based on the smartGRC’s Enterprise Platform. With integrated reporting/dashboards, full audit support, and more, smartGRC’s Audit Management Module is a comprehensive solution to your Internal Audit frameworks requirements



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